Client History:
James Jacob's Work Art • Animation • Games • Production
Animation • Motion Graphics These are some of my favorite animation sequences I've worked on throughout the years. I've done animation for Warner Bros., Disney Consumer Products, Nickelodeon, and small independent houses.

Will Ferrell's "Spoil's before Dying" comedy series featured an animated segment called "What is Jazz?". In this work I helped the team with animation, editing, and character design.

This is an intro for a Nickelodeon produced movie "Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library." I worked on editing, animation, and character poses.

Skechers television commercial for Memory Foam. I worked off storyboards and created an animatic. From that point I created animation and timing.

Zombies! I had a lot of fun animating this sequence which was used as a pitch short for Warner Bros.

I animated a bunch of ants in these shots for this Ted Talk animation.

I had a lot of fun animating Daffy Duck . This sequence was part of an online animated short for Warner Bros.

This is a sequence I animated for Warner Bros. Online.

Motion  graphic sample "Ivan's Climate Math".

These shots feature Daffy and Porky. Daffy, as usual, driving Porky crazy.

Motion  graphic sample "Computer's Math Circuits".

Motion  graphic sample "Ivan's Number Block Fix".

Dinotykes is a  property I am  developing. This is the pilot episode acting  as a  proof of concept. My goal is to leverage the assets across multiple mediums including animation, games, and web.