Client History:
James Jacob's Work Art • Animation • Games • Production
Games I've been asked to translate existing brands into digital experiences on many occasions. I build around the brand with a story concept and create the assets needed from there. I have also project managed games throughout the production cycle.

"Computer's Math Circuits" features the Evil Computer up to no good. However, Computer is havin g a bad day and his circuits are fried. Can you solve the math equations and restore order? I worked on gameplay, animation, storyboards, and art creation for this activity.

Tom and Jerry Rig a Bridge is one of my favorite games I worked on at Warner Bros. I project managed this game while providing assets, animation, and QA.

Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated wanted an online presence when the show launched. The design team developed a story to sync with the tv show each week, delivering online game episodes.  I project managed this game through the 13 episode season. You can play a sample here.

Green Lantern Battle Cards is a card based game. Battle foes in the Green Lantern mythology to save the universe from Destruction! I project managed this game and arranged budgets, art, and deadlines.

This was a set of animation cycles for Batman's super ProtoBatBot. I took existing styleguide assets and made new poses, and created different animations to use within a game.

Tweety's  Flyin' high is focused on a casual game player audience. I took existing assets and repurposed them for this game.

Tweety's Pickin' tower is a casual game with strategic elements blended in. I brainstormed different concepts with the design team to create a number of games from the Tweety styleguide library.

Get out on the dance floor with Tweety! I created animation and art assets to help Tweety bust a move!

Tweety's Pluck-a-Worm  is another  game based purely on Tweety styleguide assets. The design teams arranged the artwork and animation  for game programming.

Warner Bros. wanted to take existing styleguide assets for Tweety and repurpose them for a suite of mini games aimed at a younger audience. With the design team we brainstormed different concepts based on the assets. You can play the game here.

"Computer's Number Trap" features the Evil Computer setting up traps for Max and Gabby. I worked on art and animation for this activity.

Ivan is using his climate finder to study for a school project. Use the climate finder to solve different math problems. I worked on gameplay, animation, storyboards, and art creation for this activity.

"Murphy's Math Surprise" is about keeping the number factory in top top shape. Can you help Murphy run the factory by solving math problems? I worked on gameplay, animation, storyboards, and art creation for this activity.